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TNT-01 Canadian Sea Salt & Macro Kelp

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FLAVOR: Crisp, light, umami
INGREDIENTS: sea salt, kelp + nothing else.

Our MACRO KELP SEA SALT is hand-harvested in the cold, clear waters of Oyster Bay, British Columbia. This blend has a beautifully-balanced salinity and a dash of umami from the seaweed. The kelp not only brings forth more flavor, it offers an incredible wealth of mineral elements and micronutrients like iodine. Our Macro Kelp Sea Salt pairs perfectly with roasted vegetables and enhances the delicate flavors of the sea.


Once the water is drawn from the bay, it goes through a seven-step filtration process ending with microfiltration. After this extensive filtration, the water is kettle-boiled before the evaporation process and salt crystal formation begins.

The macro kelp is sustainably harvested and then air-dried at temperatures below 38°C/100°F, which ensures no valuable nutrients are lost during the drying process.