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PC-Masks Reusable Cloth Mask-Tie Behind The Ear

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abric face mask

Black cotton face mask

Thank you for purchasing a mask. These are not a medical grade mask. To use your mask please insert a liner, a medical grade mask ( the fabric mask makes the other one last longer) or a blue shop towel. In a pinch, a folded paper towel will do. Please change your mask as often as you can. Bring a plastic disposable bag with you as you travel and put the used mask in the bag after you are finished using it. Once you are home immediately put it in the washer machine and dispose of the plastic bag in a lined garbage bin and wash your hands. Consider your mask contaminated every time you use it. These masks are not intended for the use of a child ( anyone under 18 ) as they are a strangulation hazard with the string. Pink couture does not accept any liability associated with these masks and the wearer uses at their own discretion

Keep out of the reach of children.