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PC-01-XS X-Small Arctic Jacket

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Meet the Arctic Swacket.
just like the regular swacket only four times warmer

Let me introduce you to the Arctic Swacket.
Flush all your other “winter jackets “ down the toilet because this is all you need.
If you have had the chance of meeting the regular swacket, this is three times as thick.
I’ve had this fabric custom made to withstand the harshest weather because our life doesn’t stop when winter starts.
Made from a bonded fabric, the Arctic Swacket, is four layers.
Two layers of Sherpa fleece- next to your skin
A layer of windproof, waterproof, breathable magic
And on be outside a stunning blend of charcoal and black knit to give you the look of a sweater and the wearability of a jacket.

the same size applies to the Arctic Swacket as before but be warned that it will feel slightly smaller as the fabric is much thicker.


Finished garment measurements

Bust 36
Hip 42
Back shoulder 14
Nape to hem 28

Bust 39
Hip 42
Back shoulder 15
Nape to hem 29

Bust 44
Hip 50
Back shoulder 16
Nape to hem 31
Bicep 18
Sleeve length 26.

Bust 48
Hip 53
Back shoulder 17.5
Nape to hem 30