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MDS-04 Detox & Cleanse Artisanal Bar Soap

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The combination of kaolin clay, seaweed and activated charcoal makes for an extraordinary facial cleansing bar:

Activated Charcoal: helps in drawing out oils and impurities in your skin, known contributors to acne and large pores.

Canadian Seaweed: a great nutrient source for our skin: vitamin B12, Vitamin E, potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium. Seaweed is also high in essential fatty acids that can help retain the skin's moisture levels.

Kaolin Clay: Known for gently drawing out impurities, kaolin clay has natural absorbency properties. Gentle and can be used on oily-dry skin. Its renowned properties soothe skin and restrain bacteria, making it an excellent agent for detoxification.

There's a small amount of pumice granules for some mild exfoliation, perfect for clearing your complexion.

The soap is unscented, making it ideal for the sensitive skin on your face