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KHC-28 Kids Face Masks nose pocket, great for glasses, adjustable.-5-12yrs

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This face covering is ONLY intended for use if you go out in public and as a means of containing YOUR droplets as a protective measure for others. This mask will provide the wearer with a physical barrier, but should in no way be regarded as a protection against COVID-19. Rather, it should be considered a part of a suite of measures we can all take collectively to protect each other.

This device is not manufactured to, nor meet any particular industrial or medical required standards. This homemade face covering is made out of various materials (including, but not limited to, 100% cotton and 50/50 poly cotton), and there is no representation or claim as of their ability to filter, block or protect against any pathogen or particle. Recipients are responsible to use their own judgement in deciding to utilise this homemade face covering in any setting.

To wash: Submerge your used face covering(s) in a bowl of boiling water and let the water cool to warm. Add soap or detergent. Wash (no scrubbing necessary) and rinse thoroughly. Let dry, then iron on high heat with steam if necessary. Alternatively, place in the washing machine on a 60ºC cycle and dry as usual.