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BAD-23 Mystery Mini- Mountains 5x5”

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Mystery Minis

Its the 21 century and these days very little is left to Mystery. Life is pretty well planned out, especially when you are an adult. The Mystery Mini's series aims to bring you back to a point in your life where you get to experience a true mystery. 

True excitement and true wonder. 

Like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Mystery Mini's - 5x5 Acrylic Painting on Birch Panel - Prewrapped - Ready to Hang - 




In this box you will find one of the Mountain paintings that were inspired by trips to Jasper.  The box will be wrapped so your painting remains a mystery until you want to unbox it an see what is inside.  This could be any one of the 10 Mountain paintings seen on Instagram.  The Mystery is which Mountain is calling to you.